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Thought leaders from across the world will present their views, opinions and ideas on the current trends and the future outlook for the ICT and TMT sectors. The Conference will include focused sessions on emerging fields in the Telecommunications sector and the ICT space.

Highlights of IMC 2018

Networks of the Future – New Digital Horizons
Network technology is at an interesting juncture, with technologies like 5G and IoT on the cusp of leading the 4th Industrial Revolution. The immense volume of communication traffic and data generation by users and their connected, convergent devices, is opening up a world of new opportunities in the field of Big Data Analytics, and services. This ever-expanding connected world with a focus on network functions virtualization (NFV), Cloud Computing and Software-defined networking (SDN), is also giving rise to a number of issues in the fields of cybersecurity, consumer privacy, and network performance. We intend to understand the opportunities, challenges and the future of the networked world through dedicated sessions and focused talks by global experts in this field.

Technology Shaping Our Lives – Human World 2.0
Mobile and wireless networks are all pervasive and omnipresent today, and they will continue to play an ever-increasing role in our day to day lives. Our cities are becoming smarter, and the constant progress in the field of robotics is leading us towards making augmented humans a reality. Artificial Intelligence is helping us make more efficient systems, from logistics and ecommerce to medical diagnosis and treatment. As we move from space exploration to human settlements in space, our communications networks are also looking at a new frontier in space communications. The Human World 2.0 is being realized through innovations in areas like blockchain technology, digital payments, AI, consumer technology space across the world, and at IMC 2018, we will get a glimpse into this future..

Immersive Content – Emerging Trends
Every day, we get closer to realizing the vision of a Networked Society, and developing newer and more immersive ways of delivering content to end users. From new modes of sharing information on social media platforms, to extending the application of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (VR / AR) from gaming and video streaming to real world simulations and design applications. The convergence of latest technology solutions with traditional entertainment channels is a fascinating phenomenon to see and experience.

Startups: Creating, Connecting & Innovating
A recent ICRIER study on the economic impact of internet based apps mentions that during 2015-16, apps contributed a minimum of INR 1.36 Trillion to the Indian GDP, and estimates that this contribution will grow to become at least INR 18.28 Trillion by 2020. This momentum can be further strengthened through access to funding, mentor support and developing a strong industry connect. IMC 2018 is the perfect platform to provide emerging start-ups with the right showcase to the global industry leaders and policy influencers.

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Key Highlights of the Conference

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