South Asia’s biggest technology and telecommunications event is just around the corner: India Mobile Congress 2018 is going to be organized at Aerocity, New Delhi, on 25th-27th October 2018. The IMC 2018 stage will welcome international industrial giants, CXOs, government representatives, international delegations, policymakers, tech gurus and experts, businesses and brands, entrepreneurs and startups, investors and sponsors, international media, consumers and buyers. Just about anyone who has a stake or an interest in the world of technology and telecommunications will be a part of this mega event.

If you’re in the ICT or TMT lines, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the 2018 India Mobile Congress. With exhibitors and experts from around the world participating, IMC 2018 has already secured its position as the Digital Destination of India. Here is how you can boost your brand as a 2018 IMC sponsor.

Smart Marketing

IMC 2018 is an event tailor-made for anyone with an interest in the tech and telecom sectors and their associated industries. From 5G networks and mobile Internet services providers to the more advanced applications of M2M,robotics and IoT, the India Mobile Congress 2018 is going to play host to vast numbers of people who share your passions and trades. You’re never going to get a larger audience of potential clients, customers, collaborators and mentors whose interests are exactly aligned with yours. This is your chance to network one-on-one and market to an audience that’s ready and waiting!

Brand Visibility

Industry events like IMC 2018 give businesses a chance to connect with audiences that are interested in the field but may not have heard of your specific brand. IMC 2018 is going to not only welcome millions of visitors but also reach out to an unlimited global audience all thanks to international partners, delegations and media persons. As a sponsor, you can boost your brand’s visibility exponentially through ads, interviews, interactions, signs, collaborations and giveaways. The more crowds you draw in, the greater publicity and word-of-mouth recommendations you’ll generate.

Generate Leads

The power of industry events is that they cater to a niche and are chockablock with people looking to network. At IMC 2018, you’re going to be able to generate solid leads with both potential clients/customers and collaborators. How many times do regular leads pay off? Not enough, right? But at a mega event like the India Mobile Congress 2018, where people are looking for the same things as you are, the chances of leads turning into real business are much higher. You’re not only meeting with well-matched people, you’re also doing so in an atmosphere where everyone is in the mood to do business. The opportunity for making positive impressions and real connections in an energized atmosphere is much greater than it is during the humdrum workweek. Plan your networking strategy using our list of IMC attendees, collaborators, speakers and special guests and you can maximize leads like never before!

Reimagine Content

In today’s world of social media marketing, branding and advertising have been completely transformed. Modern-day content creation may seem like a challenge if you’re used to doing things old-school: the constant need for new, exciting content and dynamic content strategies on a daily basis can be dizzying. But as an IMC 2018 sponsor, you’ll be able to create an unlimited amount of content. Not only will your content team have a ton of new material, inspiration and ideas to work with, you’re also going to increase your outreach and social media presence through secondary content: as the subject of other people’s social and traditional media content. Research has proven that even casual visitors attending events will create their own content in the form of photos, videos, blogs, podcasts and interviews, which means that you can tap into unlimited audiences along with your own. That’s to say nothing of other professionals at the IMC 2018 as well as the media persons covering the extravaganza. Mentions in other people’s contents also make your brand appear more likeable and trustworthy, thus securing old audiences and bringing in new ones.

Invest In The Future – IMC 2018

The 2018 India Mobile Congress is your one-stop destination to building lasting bonds and securing your brand’s future. As a sponsor, you have an incredible opportunity to invest in your future by checking off all factors important to commercial success: networking, branding, advertising, collaborations, on-the-spot sales, future sales, leads, good PR and so much more. The biggest benefit for you as an IMC 2018 sponsor is that not only will you enjoy immediate results during the event you’re also assured long-term benefits. Think of it as the ultimate business return on investment. With some smart strategizing that feeds into your business goals, you can continue reaping the benefits of your IMC 2018 sponsorship for years to come.

India Mobile Congress 2018 is going to welcome over 250,000+ attendees, 70,000+ business visitors, 5,000+ delegates, 1,000 international media persons, 300+ exhibitors and 150+ expert speaker. The scope of IMC 2018 as an industry phenomenon and business opportunity is second to none, which is why you must book your sponsor spot right away! Log onto

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