India Mobile Congress 2018 is the biggest and best mobile and technology event in India and South Asia. The IMC 2018 events will include discussions on global industry norms and national policy matters, conversations about cutting-edge technology and the latest developments, sessions with expert speakers, exhibitions, experience centers and more. If you are a professional in the telecommunications and technology fields, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the 2018 India Mobile Congress. The best way to participate in the best mobile and technology event in India is by signing up as an all-access delegate. Join a delegation of like-minded people and be a part of the change as it takes place.

Benefits of attending the best mobile and technology event in India

Debates & Insights

For young professionals, the various discussions and debates that will dominate the 2018 India Mobile Congress proceedings are reason enough to sign up as a delegate. Whether you’re new to the field or are an old hand, staying ahead of the curve is imperative to success. In industries where the tide changes daily, there is no room for stagnation. It’s a dynamic world, and you have to keep up. As an IMC 2018 delegate, you get a pass into industry-shaping conversations that normally happen behind closed doors. Whether you’re keen to pick up on the latest trends or the next generation of technology, interested in the application of avant-garde tech such as 5G mobile networks, AI, robotics, M2M and self-driving vehicles, curious about upcoming policies and changing industry standards or simply intrigued by the current market moods, participating as a 2018 India Mobile Congress delegate is going to give you an unbelievable insight into the heart of the digital technology and communications world.

Experts & Their Experiences

There’s nothing quite like learning from trailblazers who have come before you and raised the bar for everyone. The 2018 India Mobile Congress surpasses all other events of its kind –in no small part due to its spectacular list of invitees, guests and speakers. If you’ve always dreamt of rubbing elbows with the who’s who of the tech and telecom universe, the IMC 2018 is going to be a dream come true for you. Indian business tycoons Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla and Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal will be a part of an impressive list of guests and speakers. The 2018 IMC invitees include global giants from leading global brands. This is your chance to learn from the very best in the business and get a taste of how global empires are built.

Networking Opportunities

With over 5000+ CXOs attending the 2018 India Mobile Congress and more than 190 global speakers gracing its stages, the event is teeming with opportunities for professionals to network, build lifelong relationships and generate business leads. If you’re an entrepreneur or a small business looking to expand your horizons, as an IMC 2018 delegate you can not only learn from the experts but also seek sponsorships and investments. Networking can help you unearth new and exciting job openings or collaboration opportunities. Networking at the 2018 IMC is going to introduce you to professionals with shared and/or complimentary interests in a setting dedicated to celebrating, expanding and investing in the world of technology and telecommunications. There are no substitutes for hard work and skill development but a major factor in professional success is in being at the right place at the right time with the right people. As an IMC 2018 delegate, you get to do just that. You can build lasting bonds, learn about sales and customer service by observing businesses and buyers in action, pick up on the experiences of your seniors, glean exciting new ideas about future technologies and identify leads you can continue to pursue long after the event.

The India Mobile Congress 2018 will be held on 25th-27th October 2018 at Aerocity, New Delhi. To secure your spot as a delegate at the best mobile and technology event in India, log on to and register today. Connect with us on our social media for the latest update on the 2018 India Mobile Congress itinerary and get the inside scoop of the hottest deals and developments.

Use code “IMC2018” to get a 10% discount on the all-access pass. The all-access pass will give you access to the inauguration as well, which will (most-likely) be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Apart from that, you will be entitled to attend any of the 36 conference sessions over three days and treat yourself to lunch and refreshments.