Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence are the buzzwords for business technology this year. Big Data, Data Science and Data Analysis are changing the way industries and enterprises operate. And India Mobile Congress 2019 will unveil the next generation of Data: Augmented Analytics. From 14th-16th October 2019, New Delhi will play host to South Asia’s largest telecommunications and technology event of the year: the India Mobile Congress 2019.

IMC 2019 will mark the third year of the India Mobile Congress as the region’s premier ICT and TMT industry event: from global CXOs and industrialists to the biggest brands and businesses, from ministerial delegations representing various delegations to tech gurus, influencers and media persons, the 2019 India Mobile Congress halls will welcome guests, participants and visitors from all over the world. The theme for the India Mobile Congress 2019 is IMAGINE: A New CONNECTED world Intelligent. Immersive. Inventive’. There is a greater emphasis this year on intelligent technologies and intuitive digital communication systems that can come together to not only make communication and expression more effortless, but also prioritize businesses, industries and entrepreneurial goals.

The defining purpose of all technological advancement is to serve humanity and this year, the India Mobile Congress will delve into the intricate links between technology, telecommunications and trade, amongst other things. The main theme of the 2019 IMC has been further organized into nine niches:

  • Augmented Analytics
  • Autonomous Things
  • Future Logistics
  • Immersive World
  • Intelligent Edge
  • Inventive Unicorns
  • mHealth
  • Privacy and Ethics
  • Smart Spaces

Analytics, Data And The Science Of Business

The term ‘analytics’ has worked its way into business-speak across industries and trades in recent years. There has been a transformation in the way in which enterprises and institutions now look at information. Businesses recognize information to be the most valuable of all assets. From the smallest bit of data to vast volumes of structured content, it all matters. Businesses are now adopting a data-driven approach to decision-making. Strategies designed such will guarantee results while minimizing error margins and losses.

Augmented Analytics: New Age, New Stats, New Ways

At the India Mobile Congress 2019, the conversations around Big Data and Business Analytics will mature to a dialogue on Augmented Analytics. Augmented Analytics offer a smarter, more cohesive and nuanced approach to data analysis and business strategy. Businesses use data to build predictive models and optimize best practices. The next generation of data analytics will focus on utilizing even greater volumes of structured and unstructured data to glean insights into business practices, market trends and opportunities, competitors’ and contemporaries’ strategies to increase successes and profits. Augmented Analytics will soon shape every business model because fine-tuned data analyses can help businesses to:

  • Test their own –and others’– business decisions through multivariate testing and A/B testing. Consequently, confirm conclusions regarding effectiveness, drawbacks, missed opportunities and potential.
  • Mine data for insights into hitherto undiscovered links and patterns.
  • Use predictive analytics to calculate results, gains and losses, and thus adjust strategies for heightened accuracy.
  • Posit theories based statistic and quantitative analyses of gathered evidence to explain the causal relationships between various input decisions and elements and the eventual output and impact.

In a nutshell, Augmented Analytics are crucial for closing the gap between ‘the best guess’ and a sure thing. Businesses can calculate and correct decisions before acting on them. Doing so will save time, money, effort, resources, manpower and market credentials.

Augmented Analytics At The India Mobile Congress

Experts at the India Mobile Congress 2019 will also look at the relationship between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. In trade speak, talk of BA tools and BI tools goes hand in hand. The two are widely hailed as the most effective data management options available to entrepreneurs today. Business Intelligence tools gather data, assess actionable data and gather insights into existing processes and strategies. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics work closely together, often overlapping in their function. The latter takes the analytical process a step further to offer predictive insights into future results and upcoming business trends. This offers an early start on strategizing, trend-mapping and self-correction.

Entrepreneurs will use next-gen analytics to identify and design business processes and networks that streamline operations and push for automation. At present, the dominating trend in technology is that of automation and the move from manpower to machine-power. Therefore, it makes sense that the future of data is also engineered towards optimizing information and reducing human effort and human error. Being that the India Mobile Congress is a platform for communication and collaboration, the conversation on Augmented Analytics is essential. Experts will discuss how this new phase of Business Analytics will help businesses communicate better with their various stakeholders. It is important to realize that people are at the heart of any business. 

Augmented Analytics will improve communication and cooperation between customers and clients, executives and management and support professionals. In other words, Augmented Analytics are a one-two punch approach to business. On one hand, improving communication will mean better relationships with satisfied stakeholders. On the other hand, smarter strategies will drive up sales and profits.

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