The logistics industry is changing fast, and quickly revolutionizing just about every industry as it goes along. Logistics and transport impact every trade, sector and aspect of modern life. Every business and commercial enterprise boils down to the same basic elements: production, distribution, market economics, demand and supply, client retention, and communication. In light of this, the India Mobile Congress 2019 devotes a specialized track to the theme of ‘Future Logistics’. The India Mobile Congress 2019 will be held in New Delhi, India, from 14th-16th October 2019. The India Mobile Congress is South Asia’s biggest telecommunications and technology event. This year’s theme is ‘IMAGINE: a new CONNECTED world Intelligent. Immersive. Inventive’. The 3-day technology gala will be further divided into 9 sub-themes:

The Changing Face Of The Logistics Industry

To begin with, today’s consumers are spoilt for choice. Everyone knows they can get the same goods and services someplace else, faster and cheaper. People are making informed choices in a competitive landscape. Consequently, technologies are evolving such that businesses can offer faster, cheaper and more flexible production and delivery options. Evolving customer expectations is the primary factor changing the logistics industry. Warehouses and distribution centers have rapidly evolved from traditional labor-intensive setups to avant-garde spaces with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms and preset programs. Businesses have embraced technology not only to close the gap between costs and profits but also to stay ahead of the curve.

The remarkable rise in online shopping means more people are shopping from more outlets, more of the time. As a result, the demand and supply chain is expanding exponentially and enterprises need to keep up. To meet these challenges, the logistics industry is turning to next-gen technologies. The best of future technologies are two things: smart and sustainable. Smart technology that is viable in terms of economics, effectiveness and environmental impact is the future of business. The impact of these developments can be summed up thus: the end goal is that of faster, cheaper circulation of goods.

Future Logistics Trends

India Mobile Congress 2019 will showcase some of 2019’s hottest logistics trends.

B2B2C Models

Businesses currently divide B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) functions. But future logistics will allow for integration. The new trend to watch out for will be the B2B2C model. Consumers can now engage in and affect various steps of the trade cycle, from tracking and tracing shipments to amending orders en-route. B2B2C business models are about transparency, adaptability and customization.

Elasticity And Adaptability

Elastic logistics is one of 2019’s tech buzzwords. Drawing from the name, enterprises are looking at networks that are elastic, i.e., flexible in nature. The idea is for businesses to be able to expand and contract operations and functions in response to market dynamics and situations. This replaces the one-size-fits-all approach to logistics and business planning. Elastic logistics allow businesses to adapt immediately to any influence: economic, social, political, geographic and environmental. As a result, operations continue smoothly, whether there are surges in demand around festivals or delays in deliveries caused by weather conditions.


Digitization has transformed every aspect of modern life. From the education sector to the way we communicate with our loved ones, digital technology has undeniably changed it all. It comes as no surprise that digital logistics are already a core tech trend. Digitization affects every aspect of business, from tracking consumer preferences and spending patterns to fleet management and infrastructure development. Digitization of the supply chain allows for greater efficiency, transparency, collaboration, communication and asset management. It also ensures immediacy of response and action.

Environmental Sustainability

Green technology is one of 2019’s biggest technology trends. And an offshoot of it, green logistics will revolutionize global industries. Industry disruptors aim to push the envelope in terms of productivity and profits. Green logistics also have an altruistic element: sustainable development. There is an emphasis on lowering the environmental damage caused by the transport and logistics industry. Thus, the primary goal is that of creating environmentally responsible enterprises. This will also serve to strengthen public relations by improving brand image and business reputation. Environmentally conscious customers will choose to do business with companies that are aligned with their values. As a result, the carbon footprint will fall and customer loyalty and brand retention will rise. Businesses can prioritize innovation and cut expenses and wastage.

A Look At Future Logistics At The India Mobile Congress 2019

India Mobile Congress 2019 will explore how emerging technologies are changing the logistics landscape and how this in turn is going to affect trade and commerce. Technologies both dedicated and ancillary to the logistics industry are changing rapidly and shaping industries worldwide. IMC 2019 will explore how these technologies work and interact, their potential and how industries will change to adapt to them.