Which is the Biggest Tech Event In Asia?

India Mobile Congress is the biggest tech event in Asia.

India Mobile Congress 2019 will be organized from the 14th to 16th of October 2019. If previous years are anything to judge by, the third iteration of the IMC will continue the tradition of sparking important conversations, forging relationships, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, promoting ethical and responsible technological advancements, inspiring legislation, simplifying technology, helping industries and making technology useful and accessible for everyone. The impressive participation from various parts of the industry, from different parts of the world is what makes IMC the biggest tech event in Asia.

India Mobile Congress 2019 Theme

The theme of the India Mobile Congress 2019 is “Imagine: a new CONNECTED WORLD; Intelligent. Immersive. Inventive”. The theme for India Mobile Congress 2018 was “New Digital Horizons: Connect, Create, Innovate”. This year, IMC, the biggest tech event in Asia, will continue to aspire for greater heights, more inclusive technology, farther-reaching applications, stronger bonds between people, greater symbiosis between technology and regulatory standards, more emphasis on intelligent technology and future tech trends.

The India Mobile Congress 2019 theme is further divided into 9 sub-themes, each dedicated its own ICT and TMT niche that specifically explores the latest trends, upcoming developments, challenges & solutions, new launches, use-cases, applications and more within the niche. The 9 subthemes of IMC 2019 are:

  • Augmented Analytics
  • Autonomous Things
  • Future Logistics
  • Immersive World
  • Intelligent Edge
  • Inventive Unicorns
  • mHealth
  • Privacy and Ethics
  • Smart Spaces

India Mobile Congress 2019 Subthemes

Augmented Analytics

In recent years, the direct impact of data analytics on business health has become one of the most discussed and pursued topics across industrial and entrepreneurial sectors. The concept of using analytics in business is rooted in simple logic: the more you know, the smarter your decisions are. Today, businesses are using analytics across niches and applications to streamline their operations. Everyone is talking about Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science. For any enterprise to do well, it is imperative the organization prioritizes the correct collection, storage, assimilation, interpretation, communication and implementation of data and information. Analytics science helps take the traditional concepts of ‘lessons learned’ and ‘best practices’ and fine-tunes them for a more nuanced, more impactful approach to business. IMC 2019 will bring in experts who will discuss the next generation of analytics and analytical software programs and processes and how these are going to affect the coming years.

Autonomous Things

If there is one particular subset of technology that gets everyone to sit up and pay notice, it has to be Artificial Intelligence. Blame it on the movies or the sci-fi books and TV series, but there is no denying the mass appeal of the topic of AI. We’ve come a long way from scary, space-traveling, all-knowing robots on the silver screen to real-life machines capable of learning and acting independently.  With the subtheme ‘Autonomous Things’, IMC 2019 will explore the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence and other autonomous technology such as Machine-to-Machine/ M2M communication and their uses in various types of assets, tools, equipment and machines such as cars, ships, aircraft, road systems, drones, assembly lines, homes and more.

Future Logistics

Running a business means creating, maintaining and continuously expanding a robust ecosystem. A business is a living entity of sorts and every input, no matter how minute, has a significant impact on the output. The logistics of running a business range from the smallest tasks like alphabetizing one’s list of contacts to mammoth undertakings such as fleet management, controlling factory temperatures and humidity, security and surveillance systems and so on. The secret to a successful business is in streamlining all the tasks –big and small– and replacing and/or supplementing human input with machine and technological automation and input. This allows for a better use of time, resources, effort, creativity and enthusiasm. It also makes for more efficient systems as the margin of error is significantly reduced with software and technical programs monitoring, updating, reporting and acting on the smallest fluctuations. The logistics industry is currently undergoing a massive growth spurt and is all set to feed into other industries and sectors in a greater capacity than ever before. With the staggering changes in digital and communication technologies in recent years, it is no surprise that future logistics technologies are going to enjoy center stage at the 2019 IMC. 

Immersive World

India Mobile Congress 2018 drew people in the thousands everyday with its unique VR gaming station experiences. In 2019, the conversation around Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is shifting from the tech forums and online chat rooms to the mainstream markets, as more and more brands are entering the VR gaming sector with VR headsets, wraparound screens, wearables and more. The immense scope for AR applications ranges across numerous sectors such as medicine, education, digital marketing and advertising, mobile applications and more. At IMC 2019, panels and displays devoted to the theme ‘Immersive World’ will look at how immersive technologies will impact everyday life and businesses, and issues of content creation, user-driven developments, network capabilities etc.

Intelligent Edge

The entire world is poised for 2020: some of the most anticipated NextGen technologies are expected to hit the market around 2020 and contribute to creating a world that is more seamlessly connected than ever before. Celebrating this enthusiasm is the IMC 2019 subtheme titled ‘Intelligent Edge’: devoted to upcoming and future technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Massive MIMO. Many of these concepts have already begun to make their way into everyday life but the coming in of 5g networks will be a game changer that will not only redefine communication and technology but also every sphere of life that these impact. Panel sessions and exhibits dedicated to the Intelligent Edge segment will look at critical communication, enterprise networking and industrial IoT. Intelligent technologies are expected to transform everyday life, industries, businesses, social interactions, political engagement, medical care and so on.   

Inventive Unicorns

Every business, irrespective of the industry it belongs to, depends on people. People make up the heart and soul of any enterprise. It’s no secret that customers and clients form the core of every business, but the vast network of people who make up a business extends to collaborators, sponsors, investors, promoters, suppliers, distributors, legislators, government officials, mentors, contemporaries, media persons, advertising and marketing liaisons and so many others. India Mobile Congress is the largest networking platform for tech and telecommunications professionals. Whether you’re a brand looking to meet your next ambassador or an entrepreneur looking for a big break, IMC 2019 gives everyone an opportunity to meet and connect with other driven, ambitious and enthusiastic professionals. IMC 2019 will see the launch of an accelerator program designed to help professionals convert great ideas into fantastic products and services. Collaboration opportunities, mentorship programs, business incubators and business accelerators are just some of the benefits awaiting professionals at the India Mobile Congress.  


mHealth is one of India Mobile Congress 2019’s most anticipated segments, dedicated to the future of technology in medical healthcare. A specialized track featuring medical technology, healthcare wearables and medical mobile applications will allow visitors to see how the two sectors of mobile technology and healthcare can come together to offer people more efficient, accessible, economical and reliable health solutions. One of they key thrusts of this segment is to bring global standards of healthcare to even the remotest areas of India, and across South Asia. The mHealth track also hopes to encourage greater cooperation, education, innovation and collaboration between tech developers, healthcare professionals, emergency service providers, clinicians and care recipients.

Privacy and Ethics

Even as conversations around how to get the most out of technology -how to push for more advanced services and gadgets and products, how to build machines and systems that mimic human intelligence, how to make even the most mundane processes faster, simpler, more accessible- gain traction, they’re followed by concerns regarding privacy, ethics and responsibility. Technology has long been acknowledged as something of a double-edged sword: as machines get smarter and human beings get more powerful, who’s to know where the new boundaries are or how to enforce them? Every step forward brings with it a fresh set of concerns and questions and the true spirit of science is in not only reaching for new highs but also predicting the challenges that wait there and designing solutions preemptively. One of the primary areas of concern globally is with respect to data and data security. The India Mobile Congress 2019 platform will offer government officials and ministries, industry leaders, businesses, consumers and media persons to come together and debate the future of technology from a holistic standpoint with a view to promoting progress with checks and balances.

Smart Spaces

Smart cities, smart homes and smart transport: three of the biggest trends dominating conversations on intelligent technology the world over. From smart appliances and smart gadgets you can control with the push of a button miles from your home to driverless cars and self-driving vehicles, smart technology is closing the gap between human effort and machine function rapidly. Future systems, services and products based on intelligent technology rooted in Artificial Intelligence, 5g networks, Internet of Things, M2M learning and other next-gen tech will make everything faster, easier, and more efficient. A key focus of the 2019 India Mobile Congress will be the use of smart technology to make the spaces we use, live and work in smarter, safer and more sustainable.

The biggest tech event in Asia – India Mobile Congress – will invite Government officials, ministries, ministerial delegations, industrialists, global CXOs, brands, businesses, media houses and consumers to come together and share a platform as equal stakeholders in the future of technology.