The India Mobile Congress (IMC) is South Asia’s largest digital communication and technology event. The India Mobile Congress 2019 will be held from 14th-16th October 2018 at New Delhi, India. Building on previous years’ successes, IMC 2019 will explore and showcase next-generation technologies such as 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, mHealth, Internet of Things, and AR/VR. Expert speakers and industry leaders will discuss pressing ICT and TMT topics like smart technology and privacy and ethics.

The third edition of the three-day gala event will be designed around the theme ‘IMAGINE: A New CONNECTED world Intelligent. Immersive. Inventive’. The main theme is further divided into specialized tracks, each dedicated to a niche area of interest:

  • Augmented Analytics
  • Autonomous Things
  • Future Logistics
  • Immersive World
  • Intelligent Edge
  • Inventive Unicorns
  • mHealth
  • Privacy and Ethics
  • Smart Spaces

Intelligent Edge: A New Era Of Digital Communication And Connectivity

The ‘Intelligent Edge’ track at India Mobile Congress 2019 will look at next-generation technologies that are shaping the world. Technologies like 5G, Massive MIMO and the Internet of Things (IoT) are forging a future of greater connectivity.

The 5G technology topic dominated conversations at India Mobile Congress 2018. IMC 2019 will continue to explore the potential use-cases of 5G networks. The 5G rollout is currently planned for 2020 and with it will bring an era of instantaneous and seamless communication networks. Hence, telcos are already investing in 5G networks and infrastructure in anticipation. 5G network speeds will be between 50 to 60 times faster than the 4G networks presently in use. Safe, speedy and accessible 5G mobile Internet will certainly be the cornerstone of the Digital India vision.

Massive MIMO systems (Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) are redefining spectrum efficiency and wireless standards. The Massive MIMO systems use extra antennas to concentrate energy across even the smallest spaces so as to maximize output across networks. Above all, Massive MIMO will mean affordable parts, reduced latency and protection against network jammers.

The Internet of Things connects all devices and machines on a network with one another. Linked devices can communicate with each other. Operators can control these devices remotely, minimizing need for human attendance and input. IoT is the face of next-gen intelligent tech that reduces human input while increasing machine output. It is a step further in the conversation on intelligent technology and smart devices. IoT-powered smart spaces like smart homes and smart offices are changing the way we live and work. IMC 2019 will showcase the latest and upcoming IoT applications through exhibitions, conferences and interactive experience centers. Intelligent Edge is going to be the corner stone theme for IMC 2019.

Next-Gen Digital Communication Technologies In 2019

The rapid growth of next-gen digital communication technologies is 2019’s biggest technology trend. A new era of communication and connectivity is on the horizon. Tech brands and industries are focused on creating robust foundations of 5G, IoT and Massive MIMO systems so that the infrastructure for future technologies is ready and capable for rollout. Some of the key 2019 communication technology trends will be industrial IoT, enterprise networking and critical communications. These digital communication trends are going to change the ICT and TMT landscape in 2019.

IIoT At IMC 2019

Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings together some of 2019’s hottest technology trends: IoT, smart technology, automation and Industry 4.0. Industrial IoT pushes the envelope on intelligent technology and smart spaces a step further with Industry 4.0 – smart factories. The smart factory is the face of tomorrow’s industries: blending together IoT, AI and modern cloud computing. Industry 4.0 will create spaces marked by intelligent, self-monitoring and self-improving industrial devices and machines. The goal of the Industry 4.0 paradigm is to revolutionize the industrial sector using automation, data-driven learning and remote monitoring.

Enterprise Networking At IMC 2019

The enterprise networking trend continues the collaboration between the tech and trade sectors. Enterprise networking refers to the communications system of any enterprise. An enterprise network connects all the devices and computer systems in an institution. Also known as a corporate network, the digital communication framework encompasses all organizational departments and teams. Hence, enterprise networks improve in-house communication, transparency, strategizing and operations. Improved access informs better data management. As a result, management can optimize business strategies and business intelligence. Enterprise networks improve communication and coordination between the various machines working in an organization. The thrust of enterprise networks is to reduce institutional isolation and improve interoperability.

Critical Communications At IMC 2019

The critical communications discussion has dominated digital communications discourse for sometime now. Critical communications systems will close the gap between the capacity of conventional networks and the ability of next-gen tech. Conventional networks rely on existing fixed broadband systems. In contrast, mission critical communication systems seek to transmit information in settings where traditional networks cannot. Critical communications networks aim to transcend the shortcomings of traditional networks. Therefore, network providers will be able to address challenges like limited network capacity, speed throttling and accessibility in high-traffic times, disaster management and public safety incidents. Critical communications networks aim to circumvent any roadblocks created by situations where there is an infrastructural fault or network incapability. Examples include any developmental challenge or any time too many people may log onto a network at the same time and cause a network collapse or delay.