The "UnTelco" Paradigm

Carriers & their role in Enterprise Transformation

Friday, 15 May 2020

World Telecom Day Webinar

In this era of Enterprise transformation, the UnTelco” Paradigm by carriers extends beyond providing connectivity services and to capabilities and services higher up the value chain (AI, applications, analytics, security, robotics, automation, OTT, cloud etc) while at the same time moving from connectivity-centric consumer/enterprise offers to complex solutions for verticals and industries.

Special Report


by Techcircle

Telcos have transcended the journey from pure voice companies, to voice and data companies, and now what is called the connectivity ++ companies. The crucial aspect of this adaptive phase is the willingness to expand beyond connectivity and become true service providers, embracing the vital role of telcos in the technological takeover. In order to maximize and optimize resources, competencies, and experiences, operators must channel their efforts to become more versatile and agile. 

The virtual discussion among the C-level executives of India’s telecom sector
revealed insights on building infrastructure for the future and the current
trends in the Indian telecom sector. 

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