Propelling Semiconductors: Powering the Heart of Tech Innovations

Semiconductors: The Pulse of Modern Technology in India

Semiconductors are not just microchips; they are the heartbeats of every device we use, from smartphones to electric cars. India, a booming tech market, has seen a rapid adoption of these technologies. According to a report from KPMG International, Almost two-thirds of semiconductor leaders are predicting industry revenue will increase. That's a positive indicator for the upcoming year given the current economics and the fact the industry is almost at the point of having excess inventory.

The Impact of Society and the Industry

From making telemedicine more efficient to powering smart factories, semiconductors are making a palpable impact on the Indian populace and industries. Their applications in renewable energy solutions are particularly noteworthy, considering India's commitment to green energy. On the industrial front, the automotive and consumer electronics sectors are the biggest consumers, absorbing 60% of the total semiconductor imports in 2020.

The Role of IMC in Fueling Semiconductor Discussions in the Past Editions

India Mobile Congress (IMC) has been pivotal in providing a platform for innovators, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss the future of semiconductors. In the last editions of IMC, special attention has been given to the growth and development of
semiconductors within India. Local manufacturers are now aspiring to move up the value chain, a topic that has gotten due exposure via dialogues facilitated by IMC in past editions.

What to Expect at IMC 2023

As the country shifts towards becoming a semiconductor hub, IMC 2023 aims to focus on 'Design in India' alongside 'Make in India' Anticipate engaging panel discussions about semiconductor manufacturing strategies, hands-on workshops highlighting technologies such as AI and IoT, and displays of breakthrough innovations poised to transform multiple sectors. IMC offers attendees a unique chance to discover and network with top-tier electronics industry manufacturers.

IMC 2023 will be an unmissable event for anyone interested in the semiconductor space, offering a unique opportunity to understand where the industry is headed and how India will be at its vanguard. To discover more about the booming semiconductor industry in India, participate in IMC 2023. Get in touch with us to learn more.