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mHealth India Mobile Congress 2019

mHealth India

The India Mobile Congress 2019, will be held in New Delhi from 14th-16th October 2019. The India Mobile Congress celebrates the future of technology and this year has a special track dedicated to mobile health. mHealth India Mobile Congress is going to provide an insight into how healthcare is bcoming pervasive with the use of […]

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Technology Is Going To Change Your Life

There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to conversations about future technologies, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence technology. First things first: what exactly is Artificial Intelligence technology? AI technology is essentially technology that introduces intelligence into a robot, machine, computer or computer software. Simply put, it is the ability of a machine to […]

The Beginner’s Guide To M2M Technology

M2M technology or machine-to-machine technology allows for devices to exchange information with one another through a communication system. There are several different ways in which M2M technology may be used: a common method is to have meters or sensors read and store data (details such as temperature, stocks, etc.) to transmit to a software program […]