Networks of the Future: New Digital Horizons

Technologies like 5G and IoT are on the cusp of leading the 4th industrial revolution. The immense volume of communication traffic and data generation, by users and their connected devices, are opening up a world of new opportunities in the field of Data Analytics and related services.

Technology Shaping Our Lives: Human World 2.0

Our cities are becoming smarter, and constant progress in the fields of robotics and automation is leading us towards making augmented humans a reality. Artificial intelligence is helping us make more efficient systems in logistics, e-commerce, medical diagnosis and treatment. Cybersecurity and data privacy remain at the fore front of our discussions, and newer ways to protect our data in a more connected world are being developed.


Enhancing Consumer Experience: Emerging Trends

Innovative content delivery modes are being explored all over the world, from new modes of sharing information on social media platforms, to extending the application of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality from gaming and video streaming to real world simulations and design applications. The TMT space is becoming increasingly consumer centric, and working to enhance the user experience at every step.


Start-ups: Creating, Connecting & Innovating

The TMT and ICT Sectors are now increasingly market focused and actively seeking newer technologies and service delivery options that startups are developing. IMC 2018 is the perfect platform to provide these emerging start-ups with the right showcase to the global industry leaders and policy influencers.