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5G is Closer to You Than You Think

– Jay Chen, CEO, Huawei India Some of the world’s top mobile operators are working hard to roll out 5G. In case of India, the Government has a focused intent on having an early, efficient and pervasive deployment of 5G, in time with global deployments. The Government is working on strategic initiatives like Smart Cities […]

Top 5 Use Cases of 5G: better and smarter

5G technology is expected to launch in 2020. Mobile network and telecom services providers the world over are preparing for the launch by investing heavily into 5G infrastructure. While global industrial giants and national stakeholders get ready to welcome 5G technology, what does it mean for the end consumer? Here, we will discuss the top […]

India 2020: 5G Mobile Networks And The Dawn Of Tomorrow’s Technology

Every few years there is a technological development that takes the world by storm and renders everything that came before it obsolete. The proposed 5G mobile communication technology isn’t even here yet and it is already redefining international telecommunications and technology standards. 5G in India is expected to launch in 2020 and telecommunications and technology […]