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India has become a vibrant technical hub and whole world is looking at India as a test bed. There is a large network on hand to support growth and this is the key to bring the tech community together and ensuring policymakers and investors are aware of the potential this potential.

A fire-side chat on “The role of CIO’s in bringing transformation”, but what is the CIO’s role in innovation and what are the steps CIOs can take to assist their businesses with innovation?

Key take-away from the panel discussion session:
· Citizen development and automation
· Why transformational CIO’s need to embrace citizen development
· The key success factors to enable citizen Automation development in their organization.

2019 sessions

In this new era of digital transformation, everyone has to keep themselves updated with the technology to stay relevant. Now the new norm is “to do more with less” and in this challenging environment, CIO’s need to be an authentic, reciprocal partners across the business to take advantage of opportunities. Automation is becoming increasingly important to business leaders to improve overall performance. Transformational CIOs, constrained by the availability of IT developers to keep pace with increasing demand for new automation needs, to adopt alternative strategies and operating models to deliver what the business wants.

  1. Driving growth in this burgeoning tech scene with emergence of various innovative by using Open source technology and diverse business ideas despite uncertain times, the regions tech scene continues to grow.
  2. Secondly, tech growth is being driven by emerging clusters in AI, robotics, fintech, VR, healthtech and creative tech projects, with a collaborative partnership. AI and automation have been identified as the top two trends for 2019 which has the potential growth opportunities in the region.

While digital transformation is impacting significantly on technology—from data-driven decision making to cloud adoption, mobility, and the explosion in Internet-of-Things (IoT)—it goes beyond just deploying new solutions. Advantages of digitization can be seen, with respect to customer experience, revenue, and cost, have become increasingly compelling. The momentum to adopt the new technologies and operating models need to capture these benefits continues to build and at the same time there is growing risk with the cyber crime, which is expected to triple the number of job openings to 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity position by 2020. The panel will discuss on how digital transformation is creating opportunity Vs risk, at the same time creating real business value by improving efficiency and the quality of risk decisions.

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